On Saturday 27th April we will be hosting our first Ultimate tournament in Blantyre. All players and supporters are welcome, but the adults (14+) tournament will be the first 28 people to turn up on the day.

Registration and teams

There will be 4 adult (14 years old and over) teams and at least 2 Under-14 teams.

Registration will start at 9.00 and finish at 9.15. The first 28 adults to arrive on the day will make up the 4 teams. We aim not to have any substitutes – we have found that no substitution tends to lead to better games. If you arrive late, you will not play.

Once we have completed registration, the 4 captains will divide up the registrants to come up with 4 even teams.

You can pre-regsiter here to speed things up on the day:

Under 14s tournament

Alongside the main tournament we will have games for Under 14s. This means that they will all be able to get involved and won’t risk injury with adults playing competitively.

We will make up U14 teams as children arrive. All children will get to play.

We will have at least 2 games for U14s, more if there are more U14 teams. We will organise them into a tournament; the structure will depend on how many teams we have.

Spirit of the game

An important element of Ultimate is that it is self-refereed and so whilst we aim to be very competitive, this shouldn’t be at the expense of being respectful to one another or adhering to the rules.

As a way to learn more about the rules and spirit and to reward good play teams in competitions around the world are asked to mark themselves and their opposition on ‘Spirit of the Game’. Each team will be asked to take a couple of minutes after each game to fill out a very brief scoresheet. These will be compiled to allow us to see which teams showed the best sportspersonship.

Competitions and games

Obviously the main competition is the tournament, but we’ll also have some other things going on in between the games and for those not playing:

  • Most consecutive catches – line up in pairs 10m apart, count how many times you can pass the frisbee between one another
  • Most accurate thrower – who can hit the most targets with a frisbee
  • Longest throw
  • Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) – throw the frisbee and catch it yourself, whose stays in the air longest?
  • Anything else we come up with in the meantime


Games will be self-refereed and played in the spirit of ultimate and good sportspersonship. If any dispute arises we will defer to the WFDF rules: https://rules.wfdf.org/

There won’t be specific gender splits in any teams, we’ll just try to keep things fun and competitive.

Mini league

The mini-league games will be played first to 7 goals.

If neither team has 7 goals after 50 minutes the game will end; at this point the team with the highest score are the winners; if both teams have the same score the game is a draw. Teams will score 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw.

If two or more teams have the same points at the end of the competition ranking will be decided by goal difference.

A coin flip will decide which team pulls first.


The overall winners will be decided by a further game between the two top placed teams in the mini league.

This game will also be to 7 but will need to be won by 2 clear points – i.e. it can be won 7-5, but if the score is 7-6 teams keep playing until one is 2 points ahead. If neither team can get 2 points ahead then the first team to 9 wins (the hard cap).

There is no time limit on this game.

The team in first place in the mini-league will receive the disc first.


Saturday 27th April 2019

09.00  Registration at Saint Andrew’s International HIGH School, main field

09.30  Teams announced

09.40  Practice with your team

10.30    Game 1: Team A vs Team B; Team C vs Team D; U14 A vs U14 B

11.30     Game 2: Team A vs Team C; Team B vs Team D; Games/competitions for U14s

12.20    Lunch; games/competitions for adults

13.30    Game 3: Team A vs Team D; Team B vs Team; U14 A vs U14 B (rematch)

14.30    Final: 1st Place vs 2nd Place

15.30    Awards

16.00    Finish

(17.00) Alternate finish, only if we end up with 5 teams


There will be a picnic lunch, bring something to share if you want.

If you don’t fancy making something. Aya and Nour will also be selling their lovely wraps for K1,500 each. There will be two choices:

  • Falafel (vegetarian)
  • Shwarma (meat)