WFDF announces a new set of Rules of Ultimate and Appendix for 2021-2024

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), following a review by the Rules Sub-Committee, has announced an updated set of the Rules of Ultimate and Championship Appendix for 2021-2024. The WFDF Board of Directors have approved these changes and the new rules come into effect on 1 January 2021. The WFDF Ultimate Rules Sub-Committee has introduced […]

What is a pick?

At our game on Sunday we had a number of questions about picks. It’s always a somewhat confusing and even controversial rule. I wasn’t 100% sure about how to answer some of the questions, so I found this: Really simple explanation The rules as written 18.3. “Pick” Violations: 18.3.1. If a defensive player is guarding […]

Ultimate returns to Blantyre

Yes, this Sunday we’ll be taking the field again for our weekly family pick-up game! Having taken advice from some of our medically-trained members, we’ve made some adjustments and additional rules to try to minimsie the likelihood of us spreading the virus. Playing safe The measures below are to help us to minimise the risk […]

WFDF approves Cayman Islands and Malawi as national members

Brings membership to 87 Countries The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is pleased to announce that its Congress has approved the Cayman Islands Ultimate Association and Malawi Flying Disc Federation as its newest Member associations, increasing WFDF’s membership to 87 countries. “To add Cayman Islands and Malawi to the Flying Disc Family during these difficult times is […]

The Pull

In Blantyre, we’ve had a few discussion recently about what happens when the disc goes out on the pull (the first throw used to start and restart the game) and/or lands in the end zone. I think the rules for this have been updated over the years, and may be/have been different in the USA […]

Delay of play

Two related rules issues came up last Sunday, both about how quickly play needs to restart; so I had a look at the rule book to give some definitive answers. How quickly do you have to pick the disc up after a turnover or pull? Essentially the answer is: as quickly as possible. The aim […]