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This post has been updated with new pricing and sizing.

I’ve finally finished the designs for the Malawi Ultimate t-shirts and I’ll be placing the order for them this week. Please add your order below so I know how many of each size to get made.

Sorry about this but because of an issue with the original manufucturer – they hadn’t understood that we wanted reversible shirts – I’ve had to find a new manufucturer and so the price has gone up slightly and the sizes may have changed. Please check below and confirm your order.

Further update (6/5/19): The new manufacturer, it turns out, also couldn’t make thje shirts reversible, so everyone will get two t-shirts, one ‘home’ and one ‘away’. The price and sizing remain the same.

Thanks and sorry for the hassle.

‘Home’ and ‘Away’ designs

The t-shirts will come as a set of two t-shirts: the green/black design for ‘home’ and the white design for ‘away’. They’ll be made from lightweight, wicking material.

Malawi Ultimate t-shirt black
Malawi Ultimate t-shirt white

Sizing – updated

They are coming from China, so the sizing may be different to what you’re expecting. You may have to order a bigger size than you would normally take. This is their sizing chart:


People ordering and paying now will get a set of t-shirts at cost price: K13,500 (£14.00, $18.50) – this is for a ‘home’ and ‘away’ set of two t-shirts.

I will need the money soon, as it’s quite a big outlay for me. I’ll send payment details when I confirm your order.

If you can’t pick the t-shirts up from me in person, you’ll need to pay any delivery costs as well – we’ll arrange someone to bring a load to Lilongwe for free though.

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