How we should play

I just watched this really interesting video by Ryan Lowe; it’s ostensibly about picking a team, which may not really seem relevant in Malawi, but actually he talks about what makes a great experience for people new to the game.

There’s loads of advice in here both for those of us who are more experienced, and for those who aren’t. I think if we use it to reflect on how each of us plays we’ll all get better quicker and have fun doing it. We do lots of this already, but emphasising it will only help.

One bit of jargon he uses is the term ‘handler’: this just means one of the key throwers (often a more experienced player with a good throw).

I’m particularly impressed by what he says about:

  • Passing to open players
  • Understanding when you aren’t really open – although you might think you are
  • When to ‘dump’ and when to try trickier throws
  • Time with the disc

What do you think? Add a comment below.

(BTW, Ryan has loads of other really useful tutorial videos on his YouTube channel and website.)