Pre-register for Blantyre Ultimate Battle

This Saturday will be our first Ultimate tournament in Blantyre. To help speed things up on the day, please fill out this short registration form. The aim of this is to help us to create competitive teams on the day.

This is useful for new and regular players as it helps us to highlight things that you may feel confident in that you don’t always get to show on Sundays or Wednesdays. It also helps me to see how many people we will have coming.

The form is here:

Please remember that filling this out does not guarantee you a spot, it will still be the first 28 people to register on the day. Filling this out now does mean you don’t have to do it by hand on the day though.
Thanks! See you Staurday!

Order your t-shirts now!

This post has been updated with new pricing and sizing.

I’ve finally finished the designs for the Malawi Ultimate t-shirts and I’ll be placing the order for them this week. Please add your order below so I know how many of each size to get made.

Sorry about this but because of an issue with the original manufucturer – they hadn’t understood that we wanted reversible shirts – I’ve had to find a new manufucturer and so the price has gone up slightly and the sizes may have changed. Please check below and confirm your order.

Further update (6/5/19): The new manufacturer, it turns out, also couldn’t make thje shirts reversible, so everyone will get two t-shirts, one ‘home’ and one ‘away’. The price and sizing remain the same.

Thanks and sorry for the hassle.

‘Home’ and ‘Away’ designs

The t-shirts will come as a set of two t-shirts: the green/black design for ‘home’ and the white design for ‘away’. They’ll be made from lightweight, wicking material.

Malawi Ultimate t-shirt black
Malawi Ultimate t-shirt white

Sizing – updated

They are coming from China, so the sizing may be different to what you’re expecting. You may have to order a bigger size than you would normally take. This is their sizing chart:


People ordering and paying now will get a set of t-shirts at cost price: K13,500 (£14.00, $18.50) – this is for a ‘home’ and ‘away’ set of two t-shirts.

I will need the money soon, as it’s quite a big outlay for me. I’ll send payment details when I confirm your order.

If you can’t pick the t-shirts up from me in person, you’ll need to pay any delivery costs as well – we’ll arrange someone to bring a load to Lilongwe for free though.

Order Form

Where do you normally play?(required)

Which size(s) would you like?(required)

How will you pay?(required)

Two big events coming up

This month and next we’ve got two Saturday events for you to get involved in, both in Blantyre.

The first is the Blantyre Ultimate Battle on the 27th April. This is a hat tournament – we mix up players to try to create relatively equal teams – with an Under 14s tournament running alongside it.

Full details: 1st Annual Blantyre Ultimate Battle

A few weeks later we’ll be welcoming Lilongwe Ultimate back to Blantyre to see if they can win back the amazing Malawi Ultimate Champions trophy they made, only to be forced to give it to us.

This game – and any warm ups around it – will be on the weekend of 18th May. Full details will be posted on this site, Facebook and WhatsApp as soon as they are finalised.

Checking in

On Sunday, we had a discussion about when to wait for a check (the defending player tapping the disc to say her team is ready) and when to just play on.

As we weren’t all 100% sure of the rules I looked them up. WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) says:

10.1 Whenever play stops during a point for a time-out, foul, violation, contested turnover, specified turnover, contested goal, technical stoppage, injury stoppage, or discussion, play must restart as quickly as possible with a check. The check may only be delayed for the discussion of a call.

The explanation on that page makes it clear that, “a check is not required after the pull or after a turnover, even when the thrower must walk to the location of the correct pivot point.”

So, if you’re bringing the disc back into play (e.g. from the sideline or back line) you should wait for the check, but from normal turnovers, just play.