We’re now getting so many players involved in Blantyre I think we really have an opportunity to get a league going. I hope this will encourage more teams to get started and for us to develop our skills and tactics.



Initially I think we may have enough players for three teams; and we have three venues at which to base them:

  • Limbe at Hillview
  • Sunnyside at SAIPS
  • Nyambadwe at SAIntS

Each of these teams should aim to field a mixed-gender team of between 12-18 players a each Saturday meet-up. It may be that we need to work up to these numbers and we start with teams of 7-10.


If we start with smaller squads then games up to 7 points, with a maximum duration of 50 minutes would make sense. However when we have full-sized squads (14+ players) we should play to 15, with a maximum duration of 90 minutes.

So, with the shorter games we could play 7.30 to 11.00am. With longer games we’d need to incorporate lunch and work out how we avoid playing at the hottest times of the day.


What is the best way to create seasons so that we get regular groups of players turning up – and maybe allow/encourage some training too?

  • Games every week?
  • A game one week, then training the next?
  • Games every month?
  • Something else?

Obviously the more frequent the games the shorter the season would be.


  1. How often should we play?
  2. Can we incorporate training?
  3. How do we divide the teams? Do we allocate players to try to create fair teams; or do we encourage players to play for their local team and develop their team if they are lacking?
  4. Can people switch between teams?
  5. Do we have an age limit or allow everyone to play?
  6. If we do have an age limit, how do we include those outside of it on game days?
  7. How do we deal with gender splits?
  8. What else needs to be considered?

Add your answers and comments below.

To register your interest in playing in the first Blantyre Ultimate League, click here:

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  1. As we haven’t had as many sign-ups as I’d hoped for, I’ve adapted the idea slightly. The idea is to create – at least initially – a 5-a-side league. We’ll play on the same size pitch as in beach ultimate – 75m X 25m – as this is normally a 5-a-side game. It will mean we don’t need big squads at all and everyone will get to touch the frisbee more.
    If you’re interested, sign up using the form linked to above.

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